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Dreams can only be achieved when ACTION is planned and executed. That’s why Franchise Sleuth LLC makes it easy for you to take Action in accomplishing your dream of being in control your future. At Franchise Sleuth LLC, we believe there is an opportunity to meet your goals. The statistics of the franchising industry has more than an 80% success rate versus 20% for independent businesses.

Franchise Sleuth LLC has been in the franchising, consulting and business opportunity forum for many years. We understand what the Franchisor desires from a franchisee perspective and know from a financial and psychological prospective what the Franchisor requires of the buyer of a franchise. Our philosophy is not to pressure a prospect into purchasing a franchise. We believe it is our obligation to put your needs first so you can make the best decision. Franchise Sleuth LLC represents all industry categories which allows you to explore the industry and franchise that fits well in meeting your goals. We act as a free consultant and coach.

Through an efficient interview process, your Franchise Sleuth LLC will develop an understanding of your lifestyle, financial and business goals. We’ll help you describe and better understand your skills, strengths, interests and investment requirements. Your Franchise Sleuth LLC Consultant will then introduce you to franchises that meet your specific goals and requirements, saving you precious time and investment capital.

Are you ready to own your own business? Contact us today and have the resources to you need to buy a franchise.

“Take Advantage of an Opportunity to Build a Successful Business and Increase Your Retirement”

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