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Users are permitted to use the email contact forms and/or our lead submission forms only for the purpose to gain further information from the franchisor and/or business opportunity. The email contact forms and/or lead submission forms on our website are only to be used to send inquiries about buying a particular business for sale, franchise, or other related business opportunity. By submitting your information you expressly confirm that you have a genuine interest in each of the concepts for which you have requested information; that you wish for a representative from each of the concepts to contact you; and that the information that you have submitted is true and correct.

We are grateful that you have taken the time to come to our site and inquire about the exciting franchise and business opportunities we have listed. In order to provide the best service possible to both you and our clients we must insist that you respect and understand this Policy. By submitting your information you expressly agree to receive a phone call, text message, or e-mail inquiry from the entity from whom you requested information. Submitting contact information that is either false or is done without interest to the particular business for which you have submitted your information is called “spamming”. Spamming of any sort on our site is not permitted as it hurts the integrity, credibility, and value of our business. Moreover, it jeopardizes our ability to continue to provide our services to legitimate users. By using the website and submitting a contact form you agree with these conditions.

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