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Looking for the opportunity to make a difference in your life, in your community, and having safer drivers on your roadways? An All Star Driver Education franchise is a great way to do it!

At All Star Driver Education, we want to give our students everything they need to be successful and safe drivers. We treat our franchisees the same way. Our team of experienced professionals can help you reach your goals with our complete system and business package.

If you are thinking about purchasing a franchise, but aren’t sure what kind, consider this…would you rather own a retail franchise such as a coffee shop, where you will have to be open late, on the weekends and holidays, as well as pay LARGE start up costs, and sign a long term very expensive lease contract? Or would you rather own a driver education franchise, where you not only have the potential to make great money right away without going into huge debt, but are also providing a great quality service to your community, all through a top notch driver education program that we have successfully created?

The All Star Driver Education Franchise concept is one like no other, as to our knowledge, we are the only driver education school in the country to offer such a unique and highly successful program to potential franchisees. We are also the only driver education school in the country to have created our very own textbook, video series starring “Captain Driver’s Ed and His Normal Son”, and our own interactive lesson plans. We have also developed very successful marketing techniques which cost little to no money, just your time and labor in implementing them successfully.

Financials :

Franchise fee :$ 30,000
Royalty : 8%
Total investment : $ 83,700 - $ 199,900
Founded : 1997
Franchised : 2007
Location : United States
Vetfran member : No
Sba approved : No
Can be home based : No
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