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The ECS Business Model is a proven system to audit utility bills and generate a recurring stream of income & revenue while doing so. You will present unique money-saving strategies to your clients, and as they save money, you will share in the savings. There are millions of utility customers nationwide, creating a huge potential market. Any business which spends substantial money on utilities is a potential client (learn more in our success packet). The model is highly scalable. Lead Generation Limited Offer for Licensee Sign-Ups Until 12.31.2015* 1-First 6 months: ECS will provide 50 leads. Licensee will have the option to submit 25 client utility billings to ECS in order for ECS, @ no add’l cost, to qualify the lead as: most likely eligible for savings; 2-Next 6 months: ECS will provide 75 leads. ECS will qualify those leads as most likely eligible for savings for Licensee @ an add’l cost of $50/lead; 3-Commencing w/the 13th month: $35/lead, and $85/qualified, most likely eligible for savings lead. *ECS makes no guaranteed assurances that there are actual savings. ECS only states there exists a likelihood there are savings at the time it reviews the bills. Licensee shall only be eligible to receive the lead generation benefits described about so long as Licensee is current with payment of its monthly fixed fees to ECS

Financials :

Franchise fee :$ 25,000
Royalty : None
Total investment : $ 25,000 - $ 25,000
Founded : 2015
Franchised : 2015
Location : United States
Vetfran member : Yes
Sba approved : No
Can be home based : Yes
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