Allstate and Allstate Agencies Seek to Bring Over 750 Jobs to Illinois

Allstate and Allstate Agencies Seek to Bring Over 750 Jobs to Illinois

Allstate Insurance Company announced a boost to its sales force in Illinois to keep pace with growing consumer demand for insurance and financial products and services in the state.

“We are seeing increased demand for all types of consumer protection, ranging from auto and home insurance to financial advice and planning to smartphone and identity theft products,” says Allstate’s strategic deployment leader, Matt Stevens. “We are seeking driven professionals and offering comprehensive training and resources to support the success for each of them.”

The 750 professionals Allstate is seeking in Illinois is comprised of three roles: agency owners and exclusive financial specialists, with the remaining hired by those small business owners as sales professionals. For the agency owner and financial specialist opportunities, Allstate is seeking individuals with a strong entrepreneurial drive and passion to help others in their community. These candidates embrace risks and challenges and are able to invest in a small business to ensure its stability and growth.

The search spans the entire state as Allstate is seeking approximately 250 individuals in the Chicago area, 250 amongst the northern and western suburbs, and 200 in the southern region. The addition of the new agency locations will have a compounding effect on each city’s job market, as each new agency opens with several employees to ensure customers are well-served with courtesy and efficiency.

To recruit more agency owners, Allstate is offering a $15,000 award to any member of the general public who refers an eligible candidate to Allstate. The referral award is payable after the candidate has completed 90 days of Allstate agency ownership. [1]

“Allstate is a trusted brand and an excellent wealth-building opportunity for a small business owner. We are unique among all other insurers because the agent owns the economic interest in their business,” says Stevens. “Allstate agents can sell the economic interest in their agency or pass the business they build on to a family member as part of their legacy.”

As a small business owner with Allstate, hard work is rewarded with a higher earnings potential, and there’s no cap on what an individual can make. The majority of Allstate agency owners earn between $170,000 and $450,000 gross annual revenue. [2]

Allstate agency owners can leverage one of America’s most recognized brands without ever having to pay a franchise or licensing fee. Candidates interested in becoming an Allstate agency owner need a minimum of $100,000 of liquid capital to invest in their agency. This money does not go to Allstate; it helps ensure the agency can successfully fund the normal day-to-day costs associated with opening and running a business. Sales professionals do not need liquid capital to apply.

For More Information
Interested candidates can learn more about becoming an Allstate agency owner by logging onto or by calling 847-402-4535 or [email protected]. Those interested in the sales professional opportunity can apply at Those with referral suggestions can call 847-402-4535 or [email protected].

[1] Subject to all terms and conditions as outlined in the Allstate R3001 Exclusive Agency Agreement and Exclusive Agency program materials. Allstate agents are not franchisees; rather they are exclusive agent independent contractors and are not employed by Allstate. Agency staff opportunity is not an employment opportunity directly with Allstate Insurance Company but rather employment with an Allstate Exclusive Agency owner who is an independent contractor. The referral award is payable forty-five (45) days after appointment and signing of an Allstate Exclusive Agency Agreement by Allstate and the referred candidate. No payments are made to you if the referred candidate is not appointed by Allstate. The name of the person making the referral must be on candidate’s Allstate agent application in order for such person to receive a payout. A referral award will not be paid to former Allstate Exclusive Agents (EA) and Exclusive Financial Specialists (EFS) and referrals of Allstate Field Sales Leaders transitioning to EA or EFS position. The referral award is subject to change. Referral award is not available to the applicant. Allstate’s recruitment team, human resources employees and Allstate employees whose responsibilities include recruitment are not eligible. The recipient of the referral award is solely responsible for all taxes and reporting of award. Allstate is an Equal Opportunity Company. Allstate Insurance Company, Northbrook, IL. © 2015 Allstate Insurance Co.

[2]Based on a majority of Allstate Agents’ gross revenue earned during 2017 for agents with 12 months of affiliation who were active during the entire year. Compensation information includes actual fixed plus variable commissions (including Allstate Financial) and total bonus earnings. Excludes brokered businesses such as Ivantage. Also excludes Allstate New Jersey Exclusive Agents, Allstate Independent Agents and Dealership Agents. Individual results will vary. Past results are no guarantee of future performance.

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