Former Marine Celebrates

Former Marine Celebrates

Former Marine Celebrates Personal Milestone on Independence Day with Keyrenter of Hampton Roads Property Management

Former Marine and retired law enforcement officer, Rodney Fentress, has more reasons than most to celebrate on the Fourth of July. Independence Day also marks a personal milestone for Rodney. It’s the one year anniversary of launching his successful business, Keyrenter of Hampton Roads Property Management.

After a 6-year enlistment with the Marine Corps, and 20-year career in law enforcement, Rodney opened Keyrenter of Hampton Roads where he continues to protect and serve. He just does it in a different way. “Relocating can be financially and emotionally draining,” said Rodney. “It’s my job to minimize that stress by helping military families and civilians sell or lease their home to others.”

We all know that Hampton Roads has a large military community and that members of the military frequently relocate. Selling the family home isn’t always the best solution. Leasing it out can be a better choice. The rental industry is booming and Hampton Roads is no exception. Low inventory, rising rent rates, and the trend toward rentership in the U.S. makes owning rental property an attractive investment.

“At Keyrenter we take a proactive and consultative approach that makes people feel good about becoming a first-time landlord,” said Rodney. With an emphasis on technology and superior customer service, Keyrenter’s proactive approach is a breath of fresh air in the property management space. Franchisees from all over the country meet regularly to find ways to better serve their clients. Keyrenter was founded in Utah over a decade ago. After franchising, it has grown into a national brand with a presence in 17 states. Four offices are located in the State of Virginia.

Keyrenter of Hampton Roads is one of the fastest growing property management companies in the area. Their 5-star reviews and reputation for integrity are a testament to the quality of service provided. People who know Rodney will tell you that he projects a sense of authority and commands respect wherever he goes. He’s earned it. When you meet him, you just know he’s got your back. That’s exactly what you want from the guy protecting your rental property.

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