Row House Pulls Past 300 Signed Franchise Agreements

Row House Pulls Past 300 Signed Franchise Agreements


– Despite Pandemic, Boutique Fitness Brand Continues to Draw Entrepreneurs in Masses with Transformative Rowing-based Fitness Concept –

Since 2014, Row House, the leading boutique rowing-based fitness brand, has encouraged people to “pull together.” Amidst the current pandemic and social unrest that has swept the world, that message could not be more timely and is clearly resonating with entrepreneurs as Row House, which is part of the Xponential Fitness family of brands, announced today it has surpassed 300 signed franchise agreements. With close to 75 studios already open, this new accomplishment falls in line with the brand’s overarching goal to have over 300 locations by 2022.

Recently signed agreements will bring at least one new location to cities such as Omaha, North Haledon and Denver, and three new locations to Phoenix, Jacksonville, and Los Angeles. Notably, several studios are being developed by entrepreneurs who already own franchises within the Xponential Fitness portfolio. Row House in North Haledon is being developed by an existing CycleBar owner, and the three Los Angeles locations will be opened by a Club Pilates owner.

“Community and inclusivity are cornerstones of the Row House brand, and people are craving both now more than ever, due to challenges 2020 has thrown their way,” said Ramon Castillon, President of Row House. “What was once a niche concept is becoming very mainstream, as Row House has been widely adopted by friends, family members and colleagues thanks to the inclusive nature of our programming and culture. We believe this is what is drawing so many incredible entrepreneurs to the concept and could not be more excited to help them bring our transformative workout to their communities and change lives.”

Long recognized by fitness goers as one of the most effective forms of low impact, full-body strength and cardio exercise, Row House is popularizing one of America’s oldest sports in the boutique fitness setting by putting the rower front and center for its classes, delivering unparalleled results. Row House has six class offerings – Signature, Power, Full Row, Restore, Express Signature, and Foundation – which combines rowing intervals with floor exercises to provide variety to this All-in-One workout routine. Utilizing 85 percent of the body’s muscles, rowing-based fitness maximizes calorie burn, activates the core, strengthens and lengthens the body and ultimately improves posture and mobility. Along with being low-impact, the workout is non-weight bearing, allowing people with any pre-existing injuries or weight loss goals to minimize added stress on their bodies and reduce risk of injury. Members from all fitness levels can enjoy all class types, allowing for the perfect workout to be enjoyed with friends, family or colleagues.

To continue their rapid expansion, Row House is actively seeking qualified franchise partners. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Row House is backed by Xponential Fitness, a curator of leading boutique fitness brands. The Row House franchise opportunity offers potential franchisees the opportunity to capitalize on an emerging fitness market across all 50 states. With a total investment of $276,600 – $499,500. Row House provides a wealth of support, infrastructure and knowledge from the Xponential Fitness team.


Founded in 2014, Row House is the largest indoor rowing-based fitness brand, offering incorporated personalized performance metrics, resistance training, rowing and stretching exercises to build aerobic endurance and muscular strength. The low-impact nature of rowing workouts makes Row House accessible to a broad range of consumers with six signature Row House class formats including introductory, interval-based, strength training, stretching and two endurance-based formats. Its high quality instructors are trained through a specialized training program for Authorized Rowing Coaches, known as “RH University.” Head-quartered in Irvine, CA, Row House is backed by Xponential Fitness, the largest franchisor of boutique fitness brands. To learn more about the Row House franchise opportunity, visit

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